Thursday, July 14, 2011

The University Years Part 3 - More Bill

I promised more about Bill so here it goes.  Our first night together, was very vanilla.  We went back to his place; he put my clothes into the wash and had a shower together.  Afterwards we sat around having a couple more beers and talking.  He asked lots of questions about me, my sexual history, upbringing, and whether any of my family knew I was gay.  I protested that I was not gay; he laughed at the comment and said “Yes you are; you just will not admit it.”  After my laundry was done we went up to his bedroom and had sex.  He certainly was not tender when making love to me, but he was not overly rough either.  There was lots of whispering in my ear about the fact that I liked being fucked by older men.  That I liked grey hair, and wrinkles and that was why I was nothing but a gay boy looking for a Daddy to look after him.  I just went with it, because I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  After he finished fucking me, we went to sleep.  

That was the only time Bill ever had sex with me in a vanilla manner, and it is only vanilla if you discount the part about him having me pee my pants in front of four other men before he took me home and fucked me.  Well at least the fucking part was vanilla.  Lol

This was a true Dom/sub relationship, when we were together Bill was always in charge whether we were in his house or out in public for the approximately two months that we were together.  At home I always called him Sir; when we were out in a vanilla setting I called him Bill, but I always deferred to him, in restaurants and bars he ordered for me and spoke on my behalf.  If I spoke out of turn when we were out; there would be a punishment waiting for me when we got home.  He always referred to me as boy, or “my boy” in social settings or “pee boy” if wanted to embarrass me.  Thankfully he only called me “pee boy” when his friends were around.  Bill was big on humiliating me and did so any chance he had.  I always turned a bright shade of red whenever he humiliated me and it was always a great source of laughter for him.

The “pee boy” moniker came about because of the time I wet myself the first time we met, and the fact that Bill attempted to bathroom train me, which resulted in more than a few accidents when I could not hold my bladder as long as he required.  Bill also introduced me to golden showers so I was his “pee boy” in more than one way.

Bill was also into cum control and I was not allowed to masturbate and he never gave me a blow job or a hand job during the two months we were together.  He was into prostrate milking though and on weekends he would milk me two to three times a day.  I must admit the orgasms caused by prostrate milking can be very intense, it is the dribbling of cum that drives me crazy.  The little dribbles of cum that just seem to go on forever, when all I really wanted to do was blow a full load.  I have come to appreciate them now more that I am older, but when you are twenty years of age, you just want to get off.   Of course because I was only twenty sometimes I did blow a full load when I got too sexually excited during a full on training session, that of course led to a punishment but at least I got off.  Lol

I could probably write five blog posts about my experiences with Bill each in excess of 5,000 words each but I am not going too because that would be way too self-indulgent and I am pretty sure nobody would read them.  So I am going to try and be brief and wrap this relationship up in a few paragraphs.

It was a very intense relationship.  I would submit to anything Bill wanted me to do.  I would leave his place after spending all weekend with him from Friday night to Monday morning, covered in small welts and bruises from the spankings and floggings he gave me during our time together and I would be back the next Friday night for more.  There may even be a midweek session if our schedules allowed.  The one thing I was always adamant about was that school was very important to me and I would not do anything to screw that up.  So I was always allowed a few hours on the weekend to myself to do some studying maybe three or four hours a day.  The rest of the time would consist of training sessions as Bill called them, with maybe a social outing on the Saturday night.

A typical weekend was I would meet Bill at his place on Friday evening, we would have a two hour training session, then stop for hour or so and have something to eat, another training session and then I would be milked then it was off to bed.  On Saturday morning, we would be up early usually around 6 AM; and go right into a training session for at least two hours.  Then I would be milked and have something to eat and have a shower together.  Bill then usually drove me to the library at school where I would write papers, study or read for three or four hours.  Which meant that he usually picked me up again by 1 or 1:30 pm, it was then back to his place for some lunch then another training session in the afternoon.  There was then a break for dinner, then if we were staying in we would have a long training session that lasted to ten at night, then I would be milked and then off to bed.  If we went out, there would be a short training session, then we would get cleaned up and go out for the evening, come home I would be milked and then off to bed.  Sunday was the same as Saturday except that we never went out, so it was always a long training session after dinner.  Monday, Bill would drop me off at school on his way to work and then we would start all over again the following weekend.

Training sessions consisted of corporal punishment sessions (at least one per day), some sort of bondage session and or torture session, where I would be tied up and subjected to verbal abuse and or humiliation, some sort of sexual scene that would involve bondage and or S&M.  I was always pretty tired and sore by the time Monday morning rolled around, but I certainly learned a lot.  Bill never leant me out to another Master during our time together and did not subject me to being passed around as a sexual object to his friends.  A couple of times he did have people over to watch our sessions which kind of freaked me out and exhilarated me at the same time.  I guess I had a little closet exhibitionist in me that got off on being trained in front of people.  It certainly freaked me out because I was a little bit ashamed of myself and what I was doing and having one to me.  It is that little voice in the back of your head that keeps going you may not be able to admit it but you are a screaming homosexual.  Letting some guy fuck you then pee on you and then letting another man watch, you are nothing but a fag.   Lol!  Believe me I heard that voice often.

The relationship ended because Bill wanted me to come out to my parents that I was gay and move in with him.  His reasoning was if my parents freaked out and disowned me he would pay for my schooling so really there was nothing to hold me back from moving in with him and becoming his full time submissive and lover.  The thing was that was very sound logic, but I was not in love with Bill; I was in love with submitting to Bill.  I absolutely loved giving up control, being a true submissive and loved submitting to Bill, but I did not love him and he wanted me to both love him and submit to him.  I did things with Bill that I am still not proud of today and have never done again with anybody else, but that was because I was so turned on by being his submissive I would do anything for him.  I knew that living with him would mean that there would have to be some sort of domestic dynamic and I could not be what he wanted me to be.  So I did what every good person does and lied my pants off.  I told him that I was not ready to come out yet, because I was experimenting with my sexuality and it did not mean that I was gay, and at best I told him it meant I was bisexual.  He called me lots of nasty names and called me a liar, which of course I denied because I did consider myself bisexual, but it did save me from telling him that I did not love him.

So that was the end of my relationship with Bill, later on I learned he had ended up moving away a couple of months later because he got a better job in another city.  I am not sure if I was the cause of that; or if he was really looking for a new job, but I never saw him again after the day we broke up.

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