Sunday, January 9, 2011

One last brunette

I forgot this lovely lady in my last posting.  She has a really bad tribal tattoo on her ass (see picture on the right).  But the thing is the tattoo is so bad it is good.  Lol!!!  She does have a great little body though and I am sure I could spend many hours on my knees pleasuring her.  :)  Images are from

Brunette's. Got to love them

I thought it was time to show some love to the brunette's of the world.  All images are from

The woman on left is absolutely one of my favorites.  Great smile, fantastic body, and I lover her curly hair.

Another stunning beauty.  Absolutely breathtaking.
 Another favorite.   I love  her lily white skin
and her beautiful face and body.

The woman on the left has a stunning face.  Her lips are very seductive.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update - A little of this and that

Not sure if anybody actually reads this blog or not.  But I have not dropped off the face of the earth or died just been busy with life.  I do have a couple of updates on my life, shortly after my last long blog post almost 4 months ago, I ended my self imposed chastity of almost a year.  

But before we get to that I want to update you on how my dressing is going.   I am now completely hairless from my neck down to the tips of my toes including my arms.  I go for a manicure and a pedicure once a month, I wear clear nail polish most days, but occasionally I will paint my toes a nice shade of red or hot pink but only for a day or two at the most, then it is back to clear polish.  I got my ears pierced and wear either plain silver studs or diamond studs every day.  I wear woman's underwear/lingerie to work two/three times a week.  The only time I do not wear woman's underwear/lingerie to work is on the days I go to the gym.  I work out every other day, early in the morning and have not yet gotten the  courage to show up in the men's change room wearing a camisole, panties and pantyhose.  Although I will sometimes tempt fate and wear woman's boy shorts like the ones pictured above if I am feeling somewhat confident.  I wish my stomach looked as good as the one in the picture above.  That is why I go to the gym every other day.  Lol

I know some of you are saying, wait Sissy you can go for a manicure and pedicure but do not wear woman's underwear to the gym?  Let's put it this way,  I absolutely have no problem with people knowing that I am bisexual, or in the right company that I am a submissive who likes to be tied up and spanked (as well as a few other perversions/fetishes that we will just keep between you and me.  Lol).  But let's face it there are times which are appropriate to wear woman's undergarments and other times when it is not. In my opinion wearing them to the men's locker room at my gym is not the right place.  Besides, when I work out before work, I have not even showered and shaved yet.  I get up, grab a bite to eat, throw some clothes in a gym bag, head to the gym work out, then shower and shave and go to work.  So logistically speaking it is really not an option as there is nowhere to change into my frilly undergarments

When I get home from work, I do dress up totally every single night.  This means full make- up, wig, heels, girdle, bra, dress, or skirt and a blouse.  I then prepare dinner once I am fully dressed and remain that way until I go to bed.  I do remove the wig and make up before I go to bed and change into woman's pajamas or a negligee to sleep in.  I take the make-up off at night because I do not want my pores to get clogged.  I have very sensitive skin.  Lol!!  Weekends are spent mostly dressed except when I go to the gym.  I have even ventured out totally dressed up at night and have gone to a couple of bars, with a female friend of mine.  No luck thus far in finding the person of my dreams while totally dressed en femme :( .  So all in all, I am making pretty good progress on that front, although there is always room for improvement. 

If you do not mind I am going to get a little bit reflective here.  I have been trying to write this blog posting for days and I can just not seem to get it right.  Part of the problem is that I have this huge inner turmoil going on within me, about who I am, or who I am becoming.  I know that I love to be fucked by men and for the last twenty plus years of my life, whenever I am involved in a long term relationship with a man it usually has some sort of Dominant/submissive dynamic involved.  On the other hand my relationships with woman have always been filled with vanilla sex.  But I am very sexually attracted to woman.  In fact I believe I am more sexually attracted to women than men. I find gay porn not sexually appealing at all and therefore, when I am looking at porn, it is always involves women.  Hell, I even prefer solo woman pictorials or woman on woman pictorials to pictures showing men having intercourse with women because who wants to see some guy in the picture getting in the way of the beautiful woman?

But here is the rub.  When I am horny and want to have sex, I do not go out cruising bars looking for woman.  I go out to a gay bar or a coffee shop and look for a guy.  Why is that?  Because when I am really horny I crave cock. I want to either suck a nice big fat cock or be fucked by a nice big fat cock.  That is why the number of men I have had sex with is huge compared to the number of woman I have had sex with.  I do not want to sound like a slut or anything but I have easily had sex with over 150 different men since I was 18 years of age and woman would be somewhere around 15.  That is a 10:1 ratio!  My gay friends swear that I am gay but I keep maintaining that I am bisexual.  Maybe they are right.  I do not even have any straight male friends anymore, any guy I know is gay.  My best friend is a woman and I have lots of female friends  but none are friends with benefits.  If they are my friend I have always considered them to be off limits sexually to me, as I did not want to mess up the friendship thing.  

So what may you ask what does this have to do with the price of tea in China, or a blog about a Sissy?  Well here it goes.  My last relationship with a woman was a bit of a disaster, it occurred about two years ago, so before I started dressing again. The sex was great and we were doing it every place imaginable, in the park, in the car, in the bathroom at a bar.  But outside of the sex, it was pretty lousy.  So when you are not having sex, you tend to go back and think things over and see where past relationships went wrong.  After much thought, I have come to the conclusion what was wrong with the relationship was that we both wanted to be the wife.  Lol  I am not kidding.  She had this notion that she wanted to be a 1950's housewife and have dinner on the table for me every night, and clean house all day.  But looking back, deep down inside, I wanted to be the 1950's housewife in the relationship and look after her.  I hate to admit it but she was even more submissive than me.  Hell we used to fight about who would be on the bottom when we were having sex.  I prefer to be on the bottom and have the woman on top so that she can control the action.  She on the other hand, really only liked the missionary position and always wanted to be on the bottom.  So even though there was a sexual attraction between us and she had an insatiable sexual appetite, the fact that she was more submissive to me, was a real turn off because she really wanted me to Dominate her and that is just not me.

So what does all of this mean?  Well I really do believe that I am now officially a cock loving Sissy and I might have to give up on my bisexual tendencies.  The way I see it, is that vanilla  heterosexual sex does not do it for me.   If I am ever going to date another woman she will have to be Dominant and let me be the submissive in the relationship.  If I can not find that, I am going to have to resign myself to sucking cocks for the rest of my life.  Which may not be a bad thing.  Lol

More another time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In praise of Blondes

Blondes come in all shapes in sizes. Below are a few that have tickled my fancy recently.
On the left is my absolute favorite blonde!!!
I would walk ten miles over 
broken glass to get a glimpse 
of her in real life!!

Perfect Body!!!

The woman on the left has a beautiful smile and a very pretty face.  I can look at her for hours.

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