Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In praise of redheads

There is something about redheads that makes them very sexy.  It does not matter if they are a bottled redhead like the first two ladies.

Or a natural like this lovely lady.
When I was younger it was all about blondes.  If I saw a blonde woman I was attracted too I would follow her around like a puppy dog, hoping she would notice me.  But as I got into older, my appreciation for redheads has grown.  

I so wish I could pull of red hair, but my skin color is all wrong.  I once had red highlights for a day.  I had to go back and get them redone the next day because next to my skin they just looked awful.  I was so disappointed.  Anyway here is to the redheads of the world.  May you always be mysterious and bitchy looking at the same time.  :)

Images are from met-art.com or metmodels.com

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